When People Like Oliver Stone Are Speaking Out About NSA Spying…

z100 fiatFor years, the way the government has dealt with leaks and revelations concerning NSA spying is to hope that things get brushed under the rug and people forget about it.

There are plenty of people “who insist they just don’t care” => which is exactly what the NSA is hoping for, sleepers!

It is increasingly clear that, unlike past leaks, the current set of NSA leaks are attracting a lot more public attention than in the past, and it’s leading some quite well known people to speak up about it.

The ACLU has now released a video from Oliver Stone, which makes some really strong points about how problematic the NSA’s spying is . . . .

Stone’s comments are strong and on point:

We did not pass the 4th Amendment in order to protect those with something to hide. We passed that amendment, which prohibits general warrants and limitless surveillance, because we know — all too well — the cost of unaccountable government.

“The question is not do you have something to hide. The question is whether we control the government, or the government controls us” . . . .

Recent leaks have given us a glimpse into our government’s giant surveillance machine. This machine is eating our freedom.

“Perhaps this latest round of revelations isn’t going to just disappear into the memory hole like previous revelations”.

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