Illuminated Sentience

Many people ask me why i do not try to simplify the vocabulary in my texts. Well the information subsumed into my scrolls comes through as Language of Light, thus holds frequencies that if you are of the light shall create visualizations, transposing these words would cause them to lose their energy pulse.

z94 Morpheus1Illuminated Sentience

Beloved masters, as the angelic mind of the celestial body awakens the reason for arrogance and fear seem destitute and judgments of the fellow man fall nothing short of primitive.

We are all gods of the one god, and that one god is a sentient sovereign that is the fundamental core junction of the system and beyond.

You are the creator of the universal substance acting as a microcosmos of a larger field.

Love is freedom, for love is the key of keys, eternally and it shall appease the earnest degrees of your sovereignty; the intelligence of your being radiates in splendour as humility agrees with differentiated perspectives of reality.

The sentience of your being grows illuminated through gracious accord. With this new-found appreciation and acceptance; the love amplification interprets the piezochromic light rays and allows for the interpenetration of higher spiritual energy, as the oscillation of systems correspond and harmonize into synthesis.

You grow tired and weary through the transition, as your body is not fully compatible with the new frequencies and energies as of yet, you are transforming.

Through the breath of the galaxies you replete, from the conscious state of being you can see, from the warm loving embrace of the heart you are complete, there is no beginning or end because you are free; the echo of your being emanates eternally.

From the depths of the oceans, to the pinnacle of the highest mountains, the spiritual notions flow like the purest fountain.

The reflection of your eyes give birth to life in the elegance of the wise you will never die, the harmonics of the angels bring tears to the hateful.

As the golden age arrives, sorrow says its final goodbye.

As the economy collapses into itself, those making the effort in stepping forward with new ideas for world currency are building foundations for the new systems.

There are many systems being installed energy wise.

The Governments will break under the pressure, the greed of many individuals that have institutionalized banking are going to cause a crash in the economic structure of the entire world.

Society’s monopolistic dictatorship will fall apart and as the monetary system collapses into itself, the greed that has enveloped the bankers and others that have been working behind the veils will be overrun by fear as their greed has become that overwhelming.

As their fear of greed turns into death, those who understand that we can look after one and other with unconditional love will create a new world.

Religious doctrines will be understood on an enlightened level, and religion will be no more, love will be the new religion.

There will be much chaos, my beloved’s, those who share unconditionally their love with others will create a unified grid and the golden age will start developing, those who only understand selfishness and greed will kill each other off due to fear of loss and starvation.

And so it is. Morpheus, kodoish, kodoish, kodoish, Adonai ‘Tsebayoth. . . .                            channeling by ©Robert, Mesure. (Morpheus)

huh! . . you want more . . . .


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